Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back in cold Canada...

Was it really only 2 weeks? I can’t believe how much we saw and experienced in the short 2 weeks that we were in Africa.

We arrived in Uganda early Monday morning (March 26) and were immediately pleased by the hot sun that greeted us at the airport. (Our average temperature was about 90 degrees).

The first thing we were exposed to was the absolutely CRAZY and INSANE traffic that is in Kampala (the capital of Uganda). This city is comparable to Toronto in size but has only 2 traffic lights that we saw (which were ignored by most drivers) and seemingly NO traffic laws. Most roads had only 1 lane of traffic each way but you wouldn’t know it by the way people drove. Africans in general are a very relaxed people, usually not concerned with time…until they get behind the wheel of a car.

Cross at your own risk was the general rule… the fastest way to get around town was on what they call a “Boata-boata” (I spelled it the way it’s pronounced), which is a motorcycle. Seems somewhat safe right? Nope… scary is the word. The 3 times that I had to take one I was praying the whole way there. These motorcyclists don’t wear helmets (with the rare exception) and certainly don’t have one for you to wear. They weave in and out of traffic very quickly, usually missing the cars beside, behind and in front of them by mere inches (this is not an exaggeration at all). They are also swerving to avoid hitting the endless potholes that are scattered every few feet (some the size of small cars).

So that was our first experience in Uganda.

As for food… there is fresh fruit everywhere and you can get it cheap. The pineapples and banana’s taste sooooo good. Franco and I stayed at a bed & breakfast owned by a wonderful woman named Vivian who also runs a Crisis Pregnancy Center. This woman is so amazing. The food she cooked was incredible and made adjusting to Africa very easy on our stomachs.

That’s all I’m going to post for now, I’ll try to do a couple to try to get everything in as well as include some pics.

Hope everyone is doing great!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the update dana. looking forward to hearing more. you'll have to share what was the best part of your trip.
great to have you guys back in windsor. i know the weather here wasn't so welcoming for you guys... :P


Rob and Beth's Blog said...


The traffic you described reminds me of Morocco. I cannot believe you rode a motorcycle (even with the praying)!

I am looking forward to the pictures!

Your fellow blogger,
:) b