Friday, April 13, 2007

Africa cont'd...

I was asked to share my favorite part of the trip but I’m not able to pick just one, so here are a few:

Visiting the primary school in the slums of Kampala. These kids were sooo excited to have us there. They were constantly surrounding us, wanting to hold our hands, take pictures with us, sing for us, etc. Everywhere you go in Africa, the sound of children singing is something you will get used to very quickly. They LOVE to sing and it brings so much joy to everyone who gets to hear it. These kids were an absolute delight to spend the afternoon with. They even followed us all the way to the main road where we had to get a taxi.

Seeing the incredible impact that one person can have on another’s life. Vivian, the lady who runs the B&B in Kampala also runs a Crisis Pregnancy Center. One the girls she had at the center was working part-time for her at the B&B. We didn’t get the opportunity to speak to her because she didn’t understand English, but Vivian told us her tragic story. She was raped by her step-father and now pregnant with his child. Her mother is into voodoo and witchcraft and whenever she visits her daughter, she is very mean and bitter towards her. Vivian has taken this teenager into her home and is teaching her many life-skills as well as showing her what real love is all about. This girl now has the chance for a good future.

Meeting Martin and “momma”, an incredible couple living in Kisumu, Kenya. This couple has 3 kids of their own and has adopted 15 orphans of all ages. Can you believe it? They have 18 kids living at their house right now. Not only that, they plan on adopting more. I don’t know what these kids were like when they first came to the house but when I met them, they are well-rounded, loving and extremely helpful kids. They have chores and responsibilities like everyone else, but they are loved like crazy by two incredible people who have transformed what could have been a horrible, lonely life.

So these were a “few of my favorite things”… I’ve included some pics as well as added a couple to the previous post.

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Meliss said...

Hey Dana!!!!it's so nice to read all about your trip - glad you had a nice time - it's awesome to see how much you can impact people and how much people need Jesus - everyone has a story - it's so incredible to learn where everyone comes from etc - anwyays just dropping in to say hi and glad you had a good time - i'll keep praying for you guys as for what to do from now for direction and doors :-) take care - talk to you again soon