Thursday, March 1, 2007

They did it!

I emailed our local mayor's office to offer the suggestion of decorating city hall with yellow ribbons to welcome our local soldiers home. I got the idea from the Military Mom blogspot who posted pictures of Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo doing the same.

After emailing back and forth I finally received a phone call yesterday to let me know that they had put them up and were really excited about it. I missed a call where they mentioned that they had been receiving a lot of media attention, specifically from our local news station and they were wondering whether I would be interested in being interviewed. So, unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to be interviewed BUT - they did run the story on both the 6pm & 11pm news and encouraged all of Windsor to get on board and tie yellow ribbons on their places of business and homes. The story was really well done and I know that there are at least 10 local soldiers and their families who are very appreciative!

If I'm able to get pictures I will definitely post them!

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Military Mom said...

Dana!! That is great that they put the ribbons up supporting our returning soldiers :)

We are proud of our troops.. and this is one way of showing them!
I have been driving around lately and have found other cities that have followed suit..
Thanks Dana.. you've been a true blessing :)