Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winter has arrived :(

I suppose I can't complain, our winter this year has been warm up to this point, but now we've caught up to the cold, cold winds and some snow. Not a lot of snow, but enough to cover the ground in white.

Things have been very busy with Michael being down, lots of family dinners and such. Currently Mike is snowboarding (for the first time) in Banff with a friend of his. We'll see how sore he is when he returns home on Friday or Saturday!

My cousin Donald is "deep-frying" a turkey this Saturday, I've never tried it before but I'm looking forward to it!

Franco's birthday is this Monday. Sunday we'll be meeting friends for a "birthday brunch" and then that night we'll have familiy over for a big dinner. I'm taking him out of town Friday night but the details will have to remain a secret for now as he has no idea what I have planned!

My great aunt passed away this past Sunday. Altho her health wasn't great (she was 76), it was still a little bit of a surprise. Even more of a surprise was that her wishes were to not have any funeral or memorial service at all. I wasn't very close to my great-aunt but it still seems a little unsettling to not have a funeral. I guess I never really thought about it before this, but a funeral really gives you the opportunity to say good-bye and put some closure on that person's life. I think we might have a small family memorial on her birthday which is in June. I guess right now it doesn't feel like anything has changed.

That's it for now...hope you're doing great and hope you like the "new look"!


Anonymous said...

Hello Dana;
Winter has not arrived in Morocco. It is sunny and warm and Rob got a bit of a sunburn yesterday :)
I completely agree that it is very odd not to have a funeral or a wake for a person when they die. It is a good way to acknowledge a life and say good bye.
Enjoy the snow!

Tammy said...

sorry to hear about your great aunt. it is odd to think about not having at least a little something after someone has passed away.
i like the new look of your blog!

FreeCyprus said...

Congrats on your marriage!
You two look amazing together!

Have a great day