Monday, January 8, 2007

Michael's Surprise Visit!!

What was initially going to be surprise for my mom, turned out to be a surprise for Michael. He had been planning on coming home for his 3 week leave for a few months now and he wanted it to be a surprise for my mom.

However, my mom started picking up on things here and there and was getting suspicious. My dad and I decided that it wouldn't be much of a surprise for her now (for any of you who know my mom know how true that is) so we thought instead we would call as many family and friends as we could get to be there at the airport to greet him when he arrived. Then we also decided to call our local news station and local newspaper..both who agreed to be there.

So on Friday January 5th, my dad left work early to go "home for lunch", during which time he told my mom that they would be going to the airport to pick up Michael that afternoon. Her initial reaction was silence, with a few tears, however she recovered quickly with "I knew it" and "My kids are all liars" Again - typical for those of you who know my mom!

Michael was supposed to arrive in Windsor at 3:54pm but due to his flight from Paris being delayed, he was unable to make his connecting flight in Toronto. So after a flurry of phone calls to the reporters and family and friends, we made plans to all meet back around 7pm (his flight was now scheduled to come in at 7:54pm).

Was Michael ever surprised! I felt a little sorry for him since he had been flying for about 20hrs and had been stuck at Pearson airport for 4hrs. But he handled himself really well, not only with everyone there but also in front of the camera and in speaking to the Windsor Star reporter.

It's been so great having him home - this weekend has been a whirlwind of family meals (we missed you Buffy & Rob!). Michael is scheduled to fly out January 24th, back to Afghanistan for about another month, and then he's supposed to come back home on March 5th.

We're so proud of him!


Jocelyn said...


Please tell Michael that I said "Hello" and that we are all glad that he his home safe and sound. I always think of him and I boast to my friends and in-laws about him. Enjoy your time together!!

Anonymous said...

hey dana, i didn't even recognize him on sunday! haha
glad he is home and able to visit you and your family. i am sure you are all very grateful for the time you are getting to spend with him!
nice pictures too! i can actually see them for once... normally i can't see pictures posted on you or anyone else's blog...
keep up the posts!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dana!
I have been waiting for this entry!! It is so good to see pictures of everyone. I wish so much that I could have been there at the airport to share with that moment. Thanks for sharing so that I could vicariously be there.
Love b