Monday, December 11, 2006

Michael's Christmas Greeting

Hey everyone! One of Mike's friends who is still stationed in Petawawe sent my mom this link...if you click on the 3rd video..Mike is the last soldier leaving a message. Check out the "muff" on top of his head - he looks great and it's so wonderful to see and hear him.


I'll add this link to my site so feel free to check it out anytime.


Rob and Beth's Blog said...

We had some trouble watching video 3 at first-it wouldn't play. But we finally got to see the mop-head! Nice hair Mike!
I love the final look he gives, just before the video ends. His smile is so cute! Can we get a copy of that final picture???

Dana said...

I KNOW!! That smile at the end is great - typical Michael all the way! Glad it worked for you!

Jocelyn said...

Mike looks like he's doing great! Did you ever send him the package my mom told me about??

Have a Merry Christmas!!

Dana said...

I believe my mom sent it a couple weeks hopefully he'll receive it before Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you too - enjoy your first Christmas as a married couple!

Heather ~ said...

oh my gosh!! they showed this on the news tonight when i was eating dinner with my parents. i was like "OH OH .... TAPE IT QUICK!!! WHERE'S A TAPE?? DANA WILL WANT TO SEE THIS!!" haha ... so we had the vcr set to tape it for you tonight ... well until now ... haha. i'm so happy you saw it (and that my panic was all for nothing!! haha). he looks so happy!! wow!! and i agree with the smile at the end! that's for sharing this with us!!!! it really amazes me!

Heather ~ said...

oops!! i meant to say "THANKS for sharing this with us!!".

And Merry Christmas!! i still can't believe its only 5 DAYS away!! CrAzY!!!

Heather ~

Anonymous said...

hi Dana,
i meet your brother about 3 years ago what a great guy(kid)heart of of gold under that silly little smeark. its great to see he has so much suport form his family and even though he so far away i know this thoughts will be home for christmas. wishing you & your family a wonderful christmas and new year.p.s. if you hear from him tell him i said take care kid.

Paul said...

hey Dana

your cousin paul here. i'm going to Italy and Greece in April and am looking around for a good ticket. Rob and Beth said that you might be able to help in this dept. somehow. do you know somebody/something that could help?

hope you had a great christmas and will have a great new year. saw that vid of your bro in Afghanistan. good to see him looking happy over there.

you can email me @ if you have any info about flights to italy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dana for posting my site.
I'm happy I'm able to help people reach out to their loved ones :)