Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Things at the Gobbato Residence

Our lives are so full! What have we done to deserve such an incredible group of family and friends? We are just so immensely happy right now...and our hope is that everyone else around us is living in that same joy. Nothing specific has happened for us to feel this way...our lives are rolling along as usual.

A few short updates... Clarissa (Franco's sister) just celebrated her birthday and received a beautiful ring with her birthstone from her boyfriend Todd; we were given a bigger tank to house our lizard Atticus and setting that up has been really fun for us (Atticus is also very thankful). Our dryer died and so we decided to purchase the front-loading stackable set (for those of you who have seen our house you're well aware of our space shortage!) and they are great! In January we plan on renovating our back room and now that we have the stackables we'll be able to put an extra closet there.

Believe it or not, I actually started my Christmas shopping is a rare thing for me to begin this until December so I'm quite happy with myself! I am definitely looking forward to spending my first Christmas with my husband...we have been discussing some traditions that we want to implement so I am very excited about Christmas this year!

A Michael update... he and his company have now been in the field for almost a month now - which means that it has been weeks since he's been able to change his underwear or shower (that information came directly from him!). Whenever he calls he sounds great... just as if he's across the street and not in a completely "different world". He's counting down the days till he can come home and misses everyone here.

Gillian is loving Alberta and of course her new employers love her (she got a job as a waitress at a high-class restaurant)... David is absolutely enjoying BC, he's working construction and is really enjoying the weather (he's on the island so he's got nice moderate weather).

I think that covers most of what's going on...if you're reading this I would love to hear from you and I hope you're doing great!


Jocelyn said...

Hey there Dana,

I'm glad that you sound so happy. I am enjoying being a newly wed as well. It's just so wonderful having a husband to come home to every day!! All of my friends and family are healthy and happy and my career is progressing nicely.

Hopefully, I will see you and your new husband this summer. I'm planning on making a trip down.

Talk to you later.

Love Jocelyn

Anonymous said...

All the newlyweds unite! :)
Glad life is going great for the 2 of you. I check in on your blog once a week or so to see if you have updated...
Thanks for the updates on your family...


Mrs. R said...

I drop in and catch up on you now and then too!

love to you both
Mrs. R

(my myspace)

Rob and Beth's Blog said...

Hey Dana,
Christmas shopping already??? And yet, if you're like me, you'll still be at the mall on Christmas eve...
Love front-loading machines!!! Now you're speaking my language (environmentally-friendly :)
Thanks for the update and enjoy newlywed bliss,

Rob and Beth's Blog said...

Is that a difference for Michael? not changing his underwear and all in a month? Just thought I´d ask???


Cheers :) Wob

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