Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Frost on my window...

Is it not October still? Where did Fall go? I had to scrape the frost off my car windows this morning...I was not impressed!

Well, my parent's officially have an empty nest. Gillian is in Calgary and having a great time, she got a job at a very high-class restaurant and is trying to climatize herself to the weather. David decided to move to B.C. to work construction for a year with his friend and they both plan on joining the Navy next September. I guess his friend has a 1 year old little brother so David is in his glory....he's been begging my parents for a younger sibling since he was 3 yrs old!

Michael called us this past Thursday (at 6:30am), he unexpectedly had a short break back on base (for a whole 48 hrs) and now he's back in the field. He'll be in the field for another few weeks...hopefully he'll get the opportunity to call soon, it's always reassuring to hear his voice. Please continue to keep him in your prayers...I know he appreciates them more than you know.

Yesterday I had a wonderful surprise at work - my husband had a beautiful arrangement of flowers delivered to the office for no reason at all! (in my opinion that is the best time to get flowers!) They're gorgeous and the scent fills the whole front area. Yes I'm spoiled - I know! ;)

Also, I just won the bid for some NHL tickets on ebay - Red Wings v. the Oilers on November 8th. I'm a Toronto fan but tickets for the Leafs are sooooo expensive. Even the ones at the Joe Louis. So I settled for the Oilers, Franco is excited, he's a "Dead Wing" fan - little does he know that I'll be a temporary Oilers fan on November 8th...there's no way this Leafs fan could stomach cheering for the Red Wings!

Well, that's what's going on in the life of Dana...hope you're all doing great!

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