Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Short Update on Michael

My brother called my parents last night, he's still in the field (I think it's now been 15 days?) which means no shower, no change of clothes (other than the occasional change of underwear and socks) and extreme weather. It's been hot still during the day but pretty cold at night.

He told my mom that even though he's glad he's there, he wasn't expecting it to be this intense. He was only a few km's away from the recent suicide bomber which killed 4 Canadian soldiers. His troop has now been moved to the "back of the line" which I'm sure will be a small break for them.

Please continue to keep him and the rest of the Canadian troops in your prayers!


P.S. - welcome back from your honeymoon Brandon & Tammy!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Dana!!!
It was a blast! We had a great time, and now it is adjusting to reality... the work schedules, coming home, having to buy some groceries!!! haha we have no food.... well little food anyways..