Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Little bit of everything...

Just wanted to do a quick update...a few little things.

Our early Thanksgiving went really well...everyone was there except for David (didn't feel well). Franco and I love having people over and it was nice to have our friend Angelo down to celebrate with our families (he's practically family anyway). In a couple weeks we'll be heading up to Tobermory to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family which will be a nice weekend getaway for us...although it's almost guaranteed that we'll come back quite a few pounds heavier as Angelo's mom makes soooooooo much wonderful food! Specifically her Kentucky Butter Cake...Franco and Angelo eat that cake as if there's nothing else to eat. When they wake up, they cut themselves a small piece, after breakfast they'll have another small piece, then if they get hungry before lunch another small piece, usually a medium size piece after lunch, definitely a good-size piece mid-afternoon and then of course a big piece after dinner. I'm not exagerating AT ALL, it's a great cake but I can't get over how much of it they eat...it's actually pretty entertaining with those two!

Michael emailed us this morning...he sounded great. He's driving a tank for his commander right now which means he gets a break from walking all day. He's trying not to get used to it though because come mid-october he'll be back on the sand hiking it with the rest of his troop. Understandably he's not able to share much about their mission but we do know that he'll probably be in the field for 3-6 weeks. He misses everyone and can't wait to get home...he loves hearing from us and is looking forward to receiving the packages that we've sent up.

My sister is leaving on Monday to fly out to Calgary, she's feeling a little nervous but excited!

I think that's it for now...I hope that everyone is enjoying this cool crisp weather (if you're in the Windsor area).

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Jocelyn said...

Hey Dana,
Thanks for Michael's email address. I emailed him and he has already responded. He sounded good. I was really excited to hear from him. Apparently, he gets to go on a bit of a vacation soon. I'm happy that he will get a break.
Talk to you soon,