Thursday, September 21, 2006

Guess who called?

Michael called this morning! Unfortunately I was at work but he left a message. He's doing good, he's back on base which means he finally gets to take a shower and change his clothes. He said he should be on base for at least a few days before heading back out on the field. He sounded great...he was wondering how the "married life" was and said that he'd try to call again in a couple days.

It felt sooo good to hear his voice...he sounds the same as he always does. Maybe a little more tired than usual but good!

This Sunday Franco and I are having Thanksgiving at our house...originally we were just going to have our immediate families over for a regular dinner but my sister is moving to Alberta on October 2nd and Franco and I were hoping to go to Tobermory for the holiday weekend so this way we can still celebrate with everyone. I'm looking forward to it! My parents will be making the turkey and stuffing, I'll take care of the potato casserole and veggies, and my mother and sisters-in law will be taking care of appetizers and desserts! I can't wait....yummy food and great company!

Fall is definitely here...the cooler weather has arrived and as much as I don't like cold weather, I do enjoy the fall season! Thick sweaters and beautiful colours everywhere!

Hope everyone else is doing great!


Jocelyn said...

Hey Dana,

I love reading your blogs. I am also glad to hear that Michael is O.K. I think about him a lot. Where is Jill moving to?
I also want you to know that I have read some of your previous blogs where you discussed marriage. You sound so grounded and happy and I couldn't help but feel even more inspired about my own marriage. Please tell your family that I said hello and that I hope they are all doing well
Love Jocelyn
P.S. I did receive your email and I was very excited when I got it. Sometimes I can be a lame responder. Please don't give up on me. I look forward to receiving mail from you again.

Dana said...

Jill is moving to Alberta - she is extremely excited about it (although I don't think she can feel any emotion that is not extreme!).

I'm glad that you got my email - no worries about responding right away, just wanted to make sure you got it!

Thanks for keeping up with my blog, sometimes you wonder if you're talking to yourself ;) and I'm glad that they are encouraging to you! It's so neat that we're going through a lot of the same things right now - makes me wish you lived closer!

Heather ~ said...

Great new picture Dana!!! ha ha.

and its great to hear everything is well with your brother!! i really do like hearing the updates so thank you for keeping us posted!

Heather ~

buffy said...

Good luck with Thanksgiving dinner! That's exciting that you are hosting... The first time Rob's mom hosted a family dinner she gave everyone food poisoning! (She thought that it was OK to keep turkey in the cupboard.)
I hope your dinner goes better :) Will you post some photos?

Dana said...

I don't know if anyone took pictures- sorry! :( If I get some I'll definitely post them! Dinner went great (especially because my dad cooked the turkey and stuffing!) so there was no food poisoning and no one felt ill except for Franco who ate WAY too much!

We missed having you there! Holidays will be very different this year with the 2 of you and Michael all gone...