Thursday, September 7, 2006

Close to Home

Just wanted to give an update from Afghanistan. The NATO forces have launched a dangerous offensive attack against the Taliban of which my brother is a part of. This past weekend, there were 5 Canadian soldiers killed (1 by "friendly fire" from the US). My brother called my mom on Monday and told her that he was 300 meters from the friendly fire and was sent in to assist with the first aid to the wounded soldiers. One of his friends, who we've met on several occasions, was injured as he was struck with shrapnel and airlifted out of there.

One of the soldiers who was killed in battle was a friend of Michaels who lived in Chatham. Michael would drop him off every time he came home. He was 21 years old and his name is Pte. William Jonathan James Cushley.

Please keep these soldier's grieving families in your prayers and please pray for the continued safety for my brother and the rest of the Canadian troops currently stationed in Afghanistan.

On a postive note, it seems that this mission has been quite successful to date, there are a reported 200 Taliban dead, 80 arrested and there were 160 seen fleeing. I know that there is a lot of negative feedback in the press regarding our troops being there, and to be honest I don't know all the details or have all the answers. But I know that Michael, and all the men and women that he's fighting with, believe in what they are doing and are glad to be there. The soldiers who have been injured are apparently given the option to go home and a lot of them are choosing to stay and fight. Regardless of whether they SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be there, they ARE there. And as such, they need our prayers and our support.

I have received a few emails regarding Canadians wearing red on Fridays as a show of support to our deployed troops. If you are able and willing, it would mean a lot to me, my family and the families of our troops if you would do this.

My sincere thanks...

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