Wednesday, June 14, 2006

45 days to go...

Well...after weeks of deliberation and brainstorming from one end of the globe to the next, Franco and I have FINALLY decided on where to go on our honeymoon. Believe it or not...this has been the hardest decision we've had to make in all of our wedding planning - maybe that's normal but I always thought that it would be the easiest. But I guess when you have sooo many options... I mean there are so many incredibly beautiful and exciting places that we would love to see. Here are some of the ideas that we were throwing around... a resort in the Mayan Riviera, a cottage in British Columbia, a road trip that would take us to Ottawa, Quebec and Nova Scotia and even Africa! And somehow, our final decision was FIJI! (to check out the resort that we'll be staying you can go to Franco wanted to go somewhere different and I think we'll be accomplishing that! We booked everything last night so now there's no changing our minds!

I can't believe how quickly time is flying - I know I've said that before but wow! I remember when I had 100 days left till our it's 45?! It's weird because once the bridal shower was done all of a sudden you realize that there is nothing else to prepare for other than the wedding. It's sinking in more and more that I'm going to be Franco's wife in a very short time. That is such an incredible and exciting feeling!! I can't wait!

Well...I guess I'll end this here but I promise to keep updating!

And a side-note: for anyone reading this who's booking a honeymoon or any type of vacation - check the place you're staying at on I learned sooo much about our resort on this site and it helped us to make our decision!

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Heather said...

WOW Dana!! I just checked it out the website you gave and it's gorgeous there!!! I hope you guys bring your hoola skirt because it looks like you're both going to need it (unless it comes with the package ;). I'm really excited for the both of you! And I'm sure the food there will be "interesting" but good!!! (It's all about the food!! - ha ha)

H ~