Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Time is flying...

Wow - it's the end of May already! Does time seem to be speeding by for anyone else? My bridal shower is this Sunday! It's really starting to sink in now that I'm going to be a married woman in such a short amount of time (60 days now...but who's counting?)

Most of the big stuff for the wedding is done...now we have all the "details" stuff like choosing our menu, decorations, picking songs, etc.

Franco and I have been incredibly busy lately but tonight we are going to take some time away from family, wedding stuff, house stuff...pretty much everything but us! I think we'll be having dinner and then a movie...just a night to relax and enjoy each other (much needed right now). We were actually supposed to do this last Friday night but we were both exhausted so we ending up watching a movie with my parents (well...my dad and I watched most of it - Franco fell asleep on the couch 20 mins. in and my mom went to bed after about 1/2 hr).

We started opening up the pool at Franco's house this past Sunday...little did we know that it would literally take about 7 hrs JUST to drain the pool cover. So we finally finished that last night and hopefully we'll have it ready for swimming this weekend!

There is so much going on in June...I have 3 showers to attend on top of my own! 2 baby showers and another wedding shower...it's so exciting to be able to celebrate with friends all the amazing things that are going on in our lives!

Well...I hope that everyone is doing good - I just wanted to update quickly. Please sign in and let me know what's going on in your life!


Heather said...

Hey Dana!! Nice to see your keeping your blog updated. I stopped by a couple times and your page was just entirely blank - I wondered if you cleared it out like Tams. Anyway ... I'm glad to hear everything is going well for you. Keep us updated on the next 59 days until the wedding! :)

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