Monday, March 27, 2006


This past Saturday Franco proposed!! He completely surprised me - even though I knew it would be sometime soon, he was able to make the "how" and "when" a complete surprise!! Here's how it happened:

We had just gone back to his new house to grab a bite to eat after returning from the gym. Earlier that week we had missed our show "Lost" so his sister taped it for us and Franco suggested watching it that night before heading over to our friends house. So we're almost at the end of the show when the tape gets fuzzy... all of a sudden Franco is on the screen, on one knee giving what I assume is a beautiful speech although to be completely honest I don't remember a single word that he said. I was in complete shock - knowing what was happening but not fully comprehending it (if you know what I mean) - so I'm very grateful that it's on tape so that I can watch it over and over... anyways, after he's done speaking on the tape, Franco gets off the couch and kneels in front of me and asks me to marry him!! We were both laughing and hugging and I said "of course" - which led to more laughing and hugging and just celebrating.

Then he gave me the ring.

Let me tell you, this ring is the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen in my entire life... Franco not only picked it out on his own, but he also designed it himself. He knew exactly what he wanted and the result is a stunning pear shaped stone, set on a band with diamonds on either side. It fits perfectly and looks as if it was made specifically for my hand.

I am soooo excited! It's such an incredible feeling... and now I get to plan our wedding! We'll be getting married in July of this year so we've got 4 months to get everything together!

It was such a neat feeling on Sunday being able to tell everyone and to know how excited our friends and family are - it's so great to have such an amazing support system, not just for when you're going through tough times but just as much for when you have something to celebrate - it just makes it that much more exciting and memorable!

I'll keep everyone up-to-date so make sure to keep checking in!


samfabio said...

CONGRATULATIONS Canadian! Very happy for you :)

Heather said...

YEY!!! I knew there would be a post here from you this week! And again ... CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you! Happy wedding planning! :)

p.s. all you married people maybe need to start laying hands on us singles because obvious someones got the touch! you can find me on sundays and wednesdays ... and yes ... I DO make house calls as well!!! :)

Later ~

gwanire said...

Hi Dana,
This is soooo soooo amazingly beautiful, CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the engagement and hey, have fun planning the wedding..and hey, July?????? Trying to get hitched before i do????? Enjoy it gal.
God Bles

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

Anonymous said...

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