Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A New Year...

Wow - January is almost over already. I can’t believe how quickly time flies.

It’s been an incredible month so far...Franco and I have been attending classes at our church, on top of attending a cell group and our regular Sunday service. This whole month I’ve been feeling like a sponge...even when I don’t necessarily feel like I’m receiving anything from the teaching, a couple days later the things that I had been taught will rise up in my thoughts and I’ll be meditating on them. It’s such a neat feeling... I’m sure everyone can relate to those seasons you go through where you feel like nothing’s making sense or taking root. I know I can... but for the first time I feel like I’m absorbing EVERYTHING that’s been coming across “my plate”.

I’ve also been feeling really alive lately, especially during cell group discussions. I don’t know what it is but it’s such a great feeling. I love when God’s been speaking something to your heart or teaching you about something and then all of a sudden - that same thing is being taught during church or at cell and it’s just confirmation and affirmation of what God’s doing in your life.

So that’s kinda what’s been going on with me these past few weeks... lots of fun things coming up... it’s Franco’s birthday this Sunday, our 1 year anniversary on February 3rd and on February 10th Franco takes possession of his first house! So, a very busy time for Franco but a great opportunity for me to spoil him and “lavish” him with gifts!

How has the New Year been treating you? Are you filled with anxiousness and excitement at the things that God has for you this year, or are you going through a tough time? If you’re someone who’s going through a tough time, I really encourage you to reach out to someone... someone that loves you and cares about you and wants to support and encourage you during this time. I recently went through a really tough season but with the help of the incredible people that God has put in my life... I made it through!

I pray that this year will bring many wonderful and incredible surprises to your life! I pray that God will take you to new levels in your relationship with Him and that your life will be forever changed by the awesome power of His love!

God bless...

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Smat said...

I am glad you are plugged into a small group where you are growing! That is awesome! Also, I can't believe it is coming up to your 1 yr anniversary with Franco... whoa!
My new year has been pretty busy... and time is flying by so fast, so crazy. Next thing you know, I will be a married woman!