Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Urgent Prayer Request

This past Saturday my friends little brother was accidently hit in the head with a golf club. He was rushed to the childrens hospital in London because of the severity of his injury. His eye was shattered and the bones around his eye were broken. He has had one surgery already and there's the possibility of 3 more. At this point the doctors believe that there is a chance that he may lose his eye completely.

We are believing that God is going to heal Josh completely with a miracle.

Things to pray for...

Please stand with us as we believe and ask God for a miracle...we are believing for complete restoration.

Please pray for his parents as they are staying at the hospital with him..just that God would continue to give them the strength that they need and that He will also give them rest.

Please pray for his sister who has to continue working here in Windsor and is planning on driving back and forth every night after work. Please pray for safety while driving as well as an abundance of peace, strength and rest.

Please pray for all of Josh's family for safety as they travel back and forth.

Please pray for the doctors and nurses caring for Josh, that they will have God's wisdom, and that their every step be led by God.

And finally...please pray that God be glorified through this situation..that for everyone involved, that if they do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, that this will be a testimony to His greatness. And for those who do know Him..that their faith will be strengthened and encouraged.

I also ask that if anyone is able and wanting to help the family out financially, I can take any donations and pass them on to Talaya. It would be a great help for them especially with gas prices being as high as they are.

Thank you so much for your prayers! They are much needed and much appreciated!

God bless...


Heather said...

any more news about how he's doing?

Dana said...

Not yet...Talaya's at work but she's in the clinic all day..not sure when she'll get a chance to call me back. I'll be sure to keep posting updates. Thanks!