Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Update on Josh

Praise Report! Josh's surgery yesterday went very well...the doctors reset the bones around his eye and everything went smoothly.

Prayer Request...The doctors have decided that they need to remove Josh's eye...the reason being that it is too shattered to repair and that there's a risk that it may cause vision loss in his good eye.

Please continue to pray and believe for a miracle for Josh as we are doing the same. We also ask that you pray for wisdom for his this time they have not told Josh the doctors decision.

There is a possibility that Josh will be home within a few days and then will be traveling back to London for more surgery. Please continue to keep the family in prayer for safety driving back and forth.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and your support!


Nikky Egland said...

You have our prayers

Dana said...

Thanks Nikky!

Another update..Josh is now home. He goes back to London on Monday for a consult and they should be setting a date for the surgery very soon.

Thanks again to everyone checking in and praying!

Mrs. R said...

I hate that Dr's rush things and force decisions on parents with issues of "risks"..
a risk simply means it MIGHT happen...not that it WILL happened....

...leaves NO room or time for miracles because they pressure and want a decision NOW!

...STILL praying that our faithful God will intervene and do what Dr's think is impossible.


Dana said...

We are definitely believing for God's intervention..even if the doctor's remove Josh's eye we are still believing for a miracle! God can give him a new eye and it will be impossible for people to dispute that it's by God's hand if it were to happen that way.

I don't think that this is the kind of decision that the doctor's would rush...I don't think removing a nine-year old's eye is something that they would do lightly. We believe that God is in complete control...with timing and with His healing.

Thanks for your awesome prayers Mrs. R!