Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pelee Island Getaway

Went away to Pelee Island for the weekend...had a nice relaxing time! Great company, great weather (including an awesome thunderstorm Saturday morning)...all around wonderful weekend!


Talaya said...

Awww! Aren't you two cute?! :)

Smat said...

great pic Dana! Who took that one?
The thunderstorm WAS absolutely awesome and I haven't heard thunder like that in a loooonnnng time. It was great!
So you back to updating your blog or what? ;)
later chicky

Dana said...

lol...that pic was taken by a famous photographer...I think her same was SMAT! I haven't heard thunder that loud in a long time myself...I thought it was awesome!
I don't know if I'll keep updating...I guess it just depends on my mood that day!
Nice of you to stop by tho... ;)

Franco said...

Those two are hot!
It was a great time. Just need to practice up on my card playing so I can win some next time.
Life's to crazy to keep up with these online journals but maybe I'll put a note up soon.