Thursday, June 2, 2005


This is just a quick thought...probably very fundamental and basic to most but I thought it was so neat.

Do you realize - that the closer we get to God, the more we learn about Him and the more we allow Him to change us....the “thirstier” we become for His Living Water? And not only do we become thirstier for it...but also ...NOTHING ELSE WILL SATISFY.

Let me ask you something...have you been going through a “growth spurt” in your relationship with God? I know that I have been, and so has almost everyone around me...but I got to a place last week where I was just feeling frustrated...couldn’t really put a finger on why or what exactly...but I came to realize that it wasn’t so much that I was frustrated (although that was definitely a result of what it actually was)...I was unsatisfied...thirsty...with an unquenchable thirst! When you begin to feel dissatisfied with the relationships around you or with the circumstances in your life...maybe take a closer look at how much time you’ve been spending with God (or maybe better put would be how little time..). Maybe you’re spending the same amount of time that you’ve always spent with God, but all of a’s no longer enough. If you’re going through a growth spurt...this could be your answer. The reason this happens, is because our God is a God that wants to be pursued by us! The closer we get to Him and the more time we spend in His presence...the more of Him we want and the less the things around us will satisfy us. There is nothing in this world (literally) like the presence of our God..our Father...our Healer...our Lover...our Best Friend....

So if you’re feeling frustrated, or dissatisfied...or out the presence of God and drink from His Living Water....only then will your thirst be quenched!


Smat said...

good thoughts Dana!
altho I know we have been chatting about that the past week or so... :) But it is always something that everybody could benefit to hear again and again, even if it does seem to be "basic fundamentals"!

Dana said...

WOW! Tammy left a comment...I'm very impressed!! All it takes is a little whining and complaining eh? ;) Thanks for being there to chat with!