Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Quick Update

Wow - 25 years old! Today is my birthday and it's been such a wonderful day already! I had 6 phone calls before lunch from my close friends to wish me a happy birthday...what a difference a few phone calls make for your day! I had some very special people singing Happy Birthday to me while they were still half-asleep (much appreciated though...definitely put a smile on my face!) and then a very special someone take me out for lunch (you always put a smile on my face!)...all in all...it's probably been one of my best birthday's yet. I'm not really sure why because I haven't really had a chance to celebrate with all my friends yet (looking forward to some v-ball this Saturday though!)...it's just been a great day! It feels so good to know that you are loved by some pretty incredible people...I hope this isn't coming across as being "prideful"...I just love taking every opportunity to brag about my friends.

Having such a close and wonderful group of friends makes a huge difference to your everyday life...even when you don't get to see them all the time - knowing that they are there is such an incredible gift! It's like having a second family...how blessed are you when you can say you have 2 families!

As I'm sure you can tell..I'm just having a wonderful day and feeling great! God is so good to me! I can only pray that I have the opportunity to be a blessing to them as much as they have been to me!

I love you guys (you know who you are)!

Thanks so much for making today awesome!


Smat said...

Happy Birthday +1!!!!
Wishing and praying for all the best in this next great year in your life Dana... I know what you mean about having like a second family and friends being like family. It is such a great feeling! We are sooo blessed...

Dana said...

Yep we are! Thanks for helping me celebrate and for being part of that family!