Monday, May 16, 2005

Life Changing Revelations

A year ago, I went on an “Encounter Weekend”...this is a weekend designed to help you encounter God on a deep and personal level. What an amazing weekend! There is so much that I could write about that weekend but it would take too long. The biggest thing that God did for me that weekend though, was to remove a very deep root of rejection that I had. For the past year...God has continued to work on me...slowly peeling back the walls I had put around my heart and in the process....softening my heart as well. 2 months ago...God used the circumstances of my life at that time, to open my eyes to see HIM clearly. The result of that...was that I fell in love with HIM. When you truly see God for who He actually is and not what our own opinion’s almost impossible to NOT fall in love with HIM. He’s so perfect in every way and the love that He has for us can’t come from anywhere or anyone else.

Which brings me to the present...for the past month or so, I have been on a quest to experience God’s love in a very real way. Last weekend, I went to my second Encounter weekend (this one was a women’s only weekend). The first night, and for most of Saturday, I received a total refreshing and renewing...I felt like my “slate had been wiped clean” again. On Saturday morning, I believe God gave me an image of a little girl with a daisy in her hand, and as she’s pulling each petal off, one at a time, she’s saying “He loves me, He loves me not”...I believe that God gave me that image to help me understand how I’ve been feeling the last couple years. When your understanding of God’s love is only in your head...that’s a dangerous thing. Think about it...what is the enemy’s greatest weapon against us? Our thoughts (if he can get us to believe his lies..then he has the foothold he needs to do more damage)...if our understanding of God’s love is not rooted deep inside our heart...then it’s very easy for the enemy to throw doubts in and keep us separate from that love. So my request to God was...let me know Your love, more than I know the love of the incredible people You’ve put around me. I want to know it beyond a shadow of a doubt, I want that to be the thing I crave the most. By Sunday afternoon, before the weekend was over...I believe that whatever it was that was in the way of me receiving all the love that I know God has been pouring into me...has now been removed! I feel completely free to receive ALL that God has for me and I am so excited because I know that the next few weeks, months and maybe even year - are going to be very life-changing for me!

God is so incredibly perfect and good...and if anyone reading this does not know Him this whatever you can to find out! Even for those of you who know Him but haven’t experienced that life-changing love that casts out ALL our after Him with all your heart and you will find it..experience it...and be forever changed by it!


Mrs. R said...

Yes Dana, I agree.. it was an incredible weekend for me too! The love of God is such an amazing thing. I can't for the life of me even begin to understand why some people in this world want nothing to do with God when He loves them so much and even demonstrated His amazing love in the biggest way at the cross.

p.s. thanks for the fun pj party ..oops..I mean the fun fellowship in your was great to get all those wonderful godly women in our lives more and more!

Mrs. R said...

great website

Anonymous said...

i agree as well, it was an awesome weekend, i can tell God is working on me, my poor Father needs a S.O.S. pad, lol, but i am so thankful for finding the way to the cross, it was great to be around so many godly woman. thanks for sharing Dana, colleen

Dana said...

Anytime you ladies want to have a "jammie" party just let me know! It was a great time spending the weekend with some of the greatest friends in the world!