Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Back in Canada!

Well...although it was a long 2 days worth of travel I got home safe and sound (and there was no snow on the ground...yay!). So now I'm back to normal life. The first couple days were pretty busy (Easter holiday) but it was all good stuff. I don't seem to have any jet-lag other than waking up real early in the morning the first 3 days and not being able to fall back asleep. I'll be picking up all my pics tonight so I'm very excited for work to finish.

I miss everyone in Africa though...especially all the kids at the Ark in Okahandja (I will be mailing all my pics to you guys very soon!).

Being back at work is was wonderful to see everyone again and they were all excited to hear about my trip. It also feels a little strange though...being in Africa, all the things that matter and are important down here, don't even cross your mind up there. Last night at bible study, we did day #7 of Purpose Driven Life and it was talking about the glory of God. While I was in Africa, I felt that I was constantly surrounded by the glory of God. I was more aware of it being up there than I ever had been here at home. So now, I need to purpose to find it in my everyday life here...because His glory is's just a matter of making yourself aware of it.

The next couple months will be pretty busy...lots of good and exciting things going on. I'll be going to the MercyMe/Jeremy Camp concert this Friday, I have a baby shower to attend this month, a wedding shower to plan (I'm the maid of honour for a friends wedding coming up in June), I'll be attending the Encounter Weekend again and I turn 25 in just over a month!

To all of my new friends I just want to say hi and I trust/hope that you are all doing well (Gwanire, Tennike, Annimiek, Paul, Sammy, Marcus, Soren, Lize and Mike).

I will be posting my pics up very shortly and I will send everyone the link once I'm done putting it together.

Until the next post..........................

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Smat said...

Ahhhhh, now thats what I'm talking about girl! j/k
I don't think I have ever officially welcomed you to the world of blogging, so "welcome"!! :)
Hey, have I told you I am excited to see your pictures, oh wait, ummmmm.... ya I have said that!!!
l8tr chickee...