Saturday, March 5, 2005

Back "Home"

Well...I just got back from Heidelberg...very cute town. One that I would have enjoyed more had I been with someone, or had more time & money. Lots of great shops that I could have spent a lot of time in, but I think my lack of sleep has caught up with me and my eyes are starting to was snowing but the weather wasn´t actually that bad. It was a weird feeling coming back to Frankfurt airport...even though I had never been here before this morning, and even then I was only here for a couple felt like I was "coming home". Very strange I know...

My flight tonight to Johannesburg leaves at I still have quite a wait...don´t know whether I trust myself enough to take a nap before leaving or whether I will wait until I get on the plane...tomorrow is the big day! I arrive in Africa...I can´t wait to be in a warmer climate...not only that - I´m anxious to begin the work that I came to do.

I will end this here and I hope to have the opportunity to update this while in Africa...but I don´t know yet what to expect.

Until then...

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